Business To Business - Wholesale Program

Welcome to the new Business to Business Wholesale Program at All About Fabrics in Williamston, SC. We strive to meet with new businesses and individuals everyday turning them into lifelong friends.

With over one million yards of fabric starting at $1.25 per yard; over 250,000 yards of trimmings; and thousands of sewing supplies, All About Fabrics offers you the benefit of shopping exclusively for your business. Because our merchandise is priced up to 75% below retail, you are able to purchase items at greatly reduced prices. As an added benefit, the Business to Business Program allows you to receive a discount of 25% off every purchase of $400 or more at each monthly sale. For purchases of $200 to $399, receive a discount of 15%. Purchases below $200 will receive a 10% discount. Discounts are awarded on the subtotal before tax. No other promotions or discounts will be honored.

To become a Business to Business Member, you MUST have a business license. Before participating in the program, our office MUST have a copy of your business license on file. In addition, if you quality for tax exempt status, our office MUST have a completed resale certificate on file for your business.

We look forward to working with you and getting to know you through our Business to Business program. For more information, contact Greg Cohen at (864) 846-8200 extension 301 or

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