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Due to concern regarding public health, All About Fabrics™ will not have a public three day sale in April 2020. However, to allow customers to shop, All About Fabrics™ created a way for customers to sign up for appointments. There will be a limited number of days and times available for a minimum number of shoppers. To schedule an appointment, please use the following link:

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28 thoughts on “Shopping Appointments Available”

  1. There wasn’t a field in the appointment scheduler to indicate the number in party. It is a bit over an hours drive for me and I would like to bring 2 freiends with me. Is that possible?

  2. Is there any kind of confirmation about the sign up, or if I was able so sign up, I just show up?

    Dorothea Schadel


  3. Are there any available appointments for this week? I’m having trouble getting it to accept any of my requests. I am planning to make and donate facemasks for Shriners Hospitals for Children. If there are no open appointment times would it be possible to have one of your staff get what I need and I can pick it up at the cash registers?

    I only need 4 yards of Pellon sew on interfacing, preferably #830 but I can use either of these ( #810, 40, or 30) if #830 is not available. If you have any 1/4 inch elastic I could use several packets of this also.

      1. I tried all of those dates and time slots but it would never let me submit it. Please but me down for Thursday, April 2nd from 2-4:00 slot. Thanks.

  4. I had a time slot for today between 2-4, but the project I was working on fell thru.
    I won’t be needing anything, so no need for me to stop by today.

    Thank you for opening up your doors to the public throughout these times.


  5. I tried every available option, but The program would not allow me to pick any date or time. I don’t know where to post this question, but are any appointments available. The earlier the better. If so, can you let me know? Thank you!

  6. I sent an email asking for 1/4 inch elastic which is not available any where. I received a reply that Lycra was being cut into strips to replace the elastic. Are the strips already cut or would I have to buy by the yard?
    My other question is would you ship? I am elderly and live over 50 miles from you. That would be quiet a trip for me for one item.

  7. Are you still taking appointments? If so, I’m looking for 1/8” and 1/4” like everyone else to make the medical masks. Thanks!

  8. I registered for an appointment for this coming Saturday, April 25th. Is there a way to confirm I’m able to shop then?

  9. I made an appointment for 12:00 Thursday the 23rd but because of predicted stormy weather and the distance I have to travel, I need to cancel. Thank you for the opportunity and hope to see you soon.

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